My name is Erik Reedstrom. I write software.

I have spent the majority of my 15+ year career learning from my mistakes, and integrating the ideas of better men and women. As an architect and engineering manager, I attempt to continually improve my knowledge base by researching what's happening in the world of web technology.

Most of my recent experience is in building large scale, distributed applications using some form of messaging; i.e. RabbitMQ. That said, I started in frontend development and still enjoy discussing what the best flavor of the month is in MV* frameworks.

For the last 4 years or so, I've been rather deep into Elixir. Although not as popular as some other newer languages, the level of productivity one can achieve with it is nigh on magical, and I'm glad to see it being adopted by larger and larger companies. In addition to Elixir, I'm well versed in the usual suspects – Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, et al. Additionally, I've been rather interested in Rust development as of late. I'm surprised Go is as popular as it is with Rust and its associated tooling widely available – it is truly a superior language.


Write what you know.
– Mark Twain

The above advice may be misunderstood to some degree, but it is good advice all the same. Grace Paley said it better, I think, in that we actually "write into what we don't know." The articles here are illustrative of this fact. I write not as an authority, but as a way to better understand a topic through sharing my experience. Not everything is tech related, as our lives are more than our professions. Thus, occasionally I'll write a topic about life in general.

What's Under the Hood?

Although I looked at many different static-site generators, I have a certain affinity for the Ghost framework. It has a great user experience, and is pretty easy and cheap to spin up. This site is powered by Ghost running on a Digital Ocean droplet.